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Work We Are Proud Of

"Heathrow Airport Officially Wins 'Star Wars' Day With Their #MayTheFourthBeWithYou Efforts."


Huffington Post

"Star Wars Day: Heathrow Airport alters departure boards to show destinations in a galaxy far, far away."


Evening Standard

"Star Wars Day: Heathrow celebrates with fake flights to Alderaan and Death Star on departures board."


Sky News

London Heathrow Airport Star Wars Day

On May the 4th 2018, we executed a Star Wars™ themed piece of activity that went viral. From Sydney to Singapore, and San Francisco, social media users and press noticed the slightly unusual departure boards and expressed their excitement online. Fictitious departure boards appeared across all terminals at Heathrow displayed across hundreds of screens on the 1,227-hectare site. Destinations appeared as planets and flight numbers were replaced with film references that fans and passengers would universally understand.


Heathrow’s reach and impressions excelled into the millions beyond our tracking power through a simple user-generated content fuelled idea. Pick-up included US prime time television, international news programmes, and even radio in Australia.


Heathrow’s brand perception and sentiment soared online and amongst staff as excited spectators got into the Star Wars™ spirit. Check-in staff morale was high as it diffused unhappy passengers and employees could participate in requests for flights to the fictional planets.


Using our personal network, we escalated the idea to Disney’s senior brand team and Lucasfilm to comply with copyright and I.P restrictions and gain the support of both UK and US Directors. Our personal network is something we pride ourselves on as we have consciously tried to make a great impression wherever we go. We are very proud of this campaign and since its success, we have received recognition from Disney, our network, and Heathrow’s CEO.

Codename: UK Top Gun: Maverick Premiere

Your mission if you choose to accept it:


Try not to 'fangirl' and 'fanboy' too hard. Keep cool, it's only Tom Cruise. Eek!.


Actual mission...

  • To capture red carpet content of competition winners and talent

  • Publish live content on Sky social channels during the event

  • Manage the event sign off approval process with Paramount Pictures

  • Engage with competition winners to capture authentic content

  • Create content to drive competition entries through storytelling

  • Generate online social customer engagement during event

  • Create a wrap-up video for in-feed social use

Overall, our organic pre-entry driver content performed 10% higher than existing client content.

Shazam! Black Adam Premiere
Graphic novels don't just have to exist on a shelf.​


We were set the task of driving entries for a very exciting competition for Sky VIP customers. The prize consisted of tickets for two lucky winners to walk the red carpet amongst the stars at the UK Premiere of Black Adam. The winners also had the opportunity to meet some of the stars along the way.


It was important to us that we ensured genuine content was captured showing that real people win prizes, and to also highlight how Sky makes their customers feel like a VIP.

Our main tasks included: 

  • Creating content wraps for Instagram Stories and Reels 

  • Video Graphics consistent for the wrap up video, consistent with the Black Adam theme 

  • Creative direction for camera crew

  • Colour grading for consistency with footage captured from multiple sources 

  • Technical assistance with internal teams

  • Alignment with Influencer activity

For this project, we aimed to achieve two key goals. The first was to encourage competition entries by using captivating social media content. To accomplish this, we used a graphic novel creative treatment that was in keeping with the overall look and feel of Black Adam. We  used this design to ensure the sign-off process with  Warner Bros. was as simplified as possible without compromising on the consistency of the campaign. 


The second goal was to encourage downloads of Sky's customer loyalty app. The click through rate was calculated using a unique landing page that re-directed to the relevant app store.

Stand Out moments - We don’t just create TV. We create memories.

Manchester United training session with football legend, Gary Pallister

Turn non-believers into believers

How: Shoot real-life situations where the competition winners (everyday people) are acting natural in an exclusive VIP situation.

Why: To show people that real people win these incredible prizes, and it could be them if they enter next time. These are real people (a hospital team and grassroots team) getting stand out tips and tricks from professionals at the Theatre of Dreams. 


Making sure Sky VIP are truly giving a VIP experience

How: Make the customers/winners the star of the show. Give the sense that they are the superstar players by putting them centre stage on TV with a full sports broadcast creative treatment.

Why: To show that customers/winners are treated to an experience worthy of a VIP, not available anywhere else -  which is the principle of the loyalty programme.



How: Provide opportunities in the creative for social media followers to think about what they would do in that situation. For example, if they were at a training session with a legend of their favourite team, what would they do?

Why: Make it entertaining by creating a two-way dialogue with the audience, rather than talk AT the Sky social community.

Lockdown Entertainment Virtual Events

It was crucial that Sky's customers continued to benefit from their customer loyalty programme during the COVID lockdown. Whilst it was not possible to host and attend in-person events, customers were offered the opportunity to particapate in virtual events. We helped support these events by providing our services in the following areas:

  • Community management on Twitter, Meta, Instagram and YouTube

  • Competition winner selection

  • Competition entry criteria

  • Social media promotion

  • Customer support advice

  • Event video screen captures

  • Broadcast gallery integration with LIVE social media

  • Talent briefing pack creation (Alex Zane)

  • Talent social media guidelines

Virtual events included: Warner Bros. Harry Potter™, Sky Ocean Ventures, The Style Council, Sky Sports F1 with Aston Martin and The Big Quiz.

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