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Website Design & Management


We don’t offer just website design; we also offer consultancy from concept to creation. Our web solutions are designed to attract visitors and guarantee the success of your online business.

A beautiful and seamless website is the blueprint for nurturing a lead to establishing a committed relationship. Our websites ensure your visitors have a picture-perfect experience of what your brand stands for whilst finding information in the least number of clicks.


We build websites that operate smoothly on both desktop and mobile, as well as design all accompanying elements for the perfect online shopfront for you. Whether you’re looking for someone to manage your blog and its content, are focussed on generating leads through e-commerce, want to show off your products, or simply want to create a great first impression; we are here to create a memorable user experience.


Community Management

Building a community around your brand is no easy feat. Our professional social media community management expertise can take charge of your online presence and maintain your brand’s reputation. An excited and engaged audience is the heartbeat of your community. Not only can you control the sentiment of how your fans, future fans or customers are feeling; you have the opportunity to convert sales through service.


Social Media Consultancy


As businesses find themselves growing in a technology-focused world, the way in which business strategies are planned now evolves at a great pace. No matter what industry or type of business you are, the mobile age provides a strong bedrock for reaching customers right to the palm of their hand. Social media provides businesses with the opportunity to stand out to customers. With an effective strategy in place, there is potential to target the right audiences with the most relevant message; all in real-time.


At Tiny Lagoon Studios, we can build strategies to suit both your business and creative goals. A social media marketing strategy acts as a guiding light for marketers, so we understand the value of providing structure to maximise long term return.


Our social media consultancy gives you the confidence to grow brand awareness and influence purchase decisions. Whether you prefer hands-on or hands-off support; we tailor our consultancy time personalised to your needs.

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Logo Design


A logo is one of the most important elements of a company’s brand. We understand how to utilise colour, shapes and fonts to make the right first impression.  Not only do we design logos that are distinctive and recognisable, we most importantly aim to create a logo that represents your brand. 


Your logo is what can set you apart from your competitors.  It should not only convey your identity through your business vision but should express your unique personality.

As part of our process, we ask the right questions to understand what’s most important to you and to ensure we bring to life an identity you imagined without the need for unnecessary re-briefs.


Realise your brand’s potential with a creative refresh, logo re-design, or content strategy.  Our expert team will not only develop visuals that work for your audience but clear visual guidelines and brand packs for internal teams to follow.


Whether you’re a start-up or looking to revamp your brand, get in touch.



Outsourcing creative allows you to produce your content remotely without the need for worry. We produce anything from a social media post to branded content and online friendly videos no matter how large or small your project.


For larger-scale projects and to bring you the best video production capabilities we partner with other experts, giving you additional knowledge, support and quality technology to produce the output required.


Presentation Design

At Tiny Lagoon Studios, we can transform dated PowerPoint and Keynote presentations into slides that tell stories and bring key information to life. Whether your deck is for internal use or for hosting important data online; we’ll help you refine your key messages in a functional and creative way.


A well-designed slide show is memorable, consistent and on-brand. It should serve as a visual aid to not only ensure your ideas are appealing but keep your audience’s attention from start to finish.


We ensure that our presentations are designed in a way that are easy to understand at a glance as well as get you noticed.

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